Food in Chicago


 Coming from a town of 11,000 and where finding a restaurant open past 9:00pm is literally impossible unless you want pizza or McDonald's, moving to Chicago has been amazing. There are plenty of different restaurants to keep myself entertained when I happen to have the extra green to eat out.

That being said, I have noticed the local Chicagolanders have terrible manners when it comes to food. Nearly every person, adult, and child chews with their mouth open, which annoys me to no end. Messes are made and not cleaned up, and food eaten in the car is a normality (I'm guilty of this one).

Luckily Chicago has enough brains to ban food on public transportation, thank the Heavens.

I've tried the deep dish pizza, truthfully I like the normal pepperoni pizza I could have gotten in my hometown. I don't get the hype of the hotdogs, it's just a dog yo. But I do like the gyros, Big Boy Gryo has the best, hands down.

My advice to all ya'll big city kids:

Clean up after yourself and CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED.