Selfie Series                    

                 The Selfie Series acknowledges the contemporary women’s journey to social and domestic equality, which is expressed through the classical medium of oils on canvas. I have felt a yearning for acceptance among my friends, family, and lovers to fulfill their archaic predetermined image of a straight woman designated for housewife syndrome. Even though this idea is considered outdated, the definition of what a woman should be still remains: she is quiet, can cook and bake, keep the family home pristine, drive the children to school and activities, dress seductively, send suggestive photos, be a goddess in bed, please a man to his fullest desires, and act feminine.

                Through this provocative series of paintings, it is my goal to shatter that projected image so many have cast on me and portray myself as I truly feel: erotic, sensual, in command, sarcastic, and strong. Using derogatory words I have been called, feelings shown through abstract works, and paintings created from photos that I have sent to guys in an attempt to grasp a snippet of fake attention, I am taking back the power of those images by painting them and showing them in a gallery format. Countless girls and women have had their lives ruined because of a jealous ex posting their nudes to the internet, sent in group texts, or literally plastered against the wall. A body is just a body. Women should not be shamed for celebrating their sexuality and their right to express that.

                  By painting the images I have sent to men, I am regaining the power back from those photos, and declaring them as art. I believe that no one should ever fear expulsion, exclusion, or termination just because a naked photo surfaced on the web or through text. A body is just a body, and through this body of work, Selfie Series, I’ve been able to expand my comfort zone, challenge social norms, and express the contemporary women’s strenuous adventure to achieve social equality.