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American Nanny & Home Care

American Nanny & Home Care is a company that specializes in the placement of household employees ranging from nannies to butlers and housekeepers. The company needed a Facebook page that would allow customers to connect on a platform in addition to their website. The Facebook page for American Nanny & Home Care has been live since 02/22/16 and has 15 likes and the most popular post has reached 14 Facebook users. The page currently has a 100% response rate to users and an average 18- minute wait time for a response.

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Mariah Howington Artist Facebook Page

Mariah Howington Artist Facebook Page has been active since 1/27/16. I use this page to post information about upcoming exhibitions, artwork I am working on, pictures and videos, relevant articles, and to connect with my clients. I have sold over 20 artworks using this Facebook page. The page currently has 152 likes and the top post has 461 views.

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Mariah Howington Artist Instagram

As an Artist I have found it essential to have social media platforms to develop client relationships and to bring in new clientele. I use the Instagram page mariah_howington to connect with my clients, showcase artwork, post travel updates, and have even sold artwork through Instagram. This Instagram page is updated bi-weekly and currently has 595 followers and the average like for a post is 21 likes.

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Marketing and Branding Blackman Communications

Currently the owner of Blackman Communications, Ellen Blackman, and I are working on a new website for Blackman Communications. We are creating a theme that is modern, clean, and easy to use. The ideal clientele would be young artists and musicians, therefore the website design will reflect the aesthetic the customers are accustomed to. The launch date for the new website will be January, 2017.